Optimize Your Business with SEO

Google recently announced they handle at least 2 trillion searches per year. It’s so important to be optimized for search so that when searchers are looking for something specific, they find you. Our goal is to implement state of the art SEO best practices to increase your chances of showing up more frequently for searchers which will increase overall organic traffic.


This is where you want to be and where Digital Stairway can get you.

  • Technical On-Site

    We will audit your entire site to ensure everything is up to date and SEO friendly. This includes optimizations such as page speed, internal linking structure, and meta data that determines how your site appears in search results.

  • Keyword Discovery

    We will figure out which keywords will grow your business. We look at overall keyword potential by putting together how much volume exists and how competitive certain topics are. Then we provide other secondary keywords that help reinforce the primary keywords.

  • Catch Up to Your Competition

    Digital Stairway implements digital marketing techniques to stay ahead of your competitors by taking a closer look at their own tactics and creating better ones for your company.

  • Cleanups

    Our team will work to clean harmful SEO tactics that have been used in your company’s past including spam inducing links and more.

Getting to the Top of Google with Digital Stairway

The SEO consultants at Digital Stairway are up to date on the latest trends in search engine optimization to keep you at the top of your Google game. We know how important it is to be up to date with best practices in SEO, and that’s exactly what we aim to do by practicing clean SEO strategies.