Web Development

A one page site or no site won’t cut it now. Neither will a site with older features. As technology and marketing strategies change, so must your online presence, which includes your website. Let us help you create a noteworthy site that fulfills quality, presence, usability, and functionality.

*Digital Stairway offers new site designs on WordPress platforms as it integrates best with Google Analytics & other marketing tools*

The Design Process

  • Site Health Evaluation

    We will initially evaluate the health of your site to see if it can undergo a more extensive design without failure.

  • Design Scheme

    A presentation of colors may be asked for, but typically we stick with the color scheme of the brand.

  • Original Content is Transferred.

    Sometimes there is written content on the original site that works well and we will transfer that over onto the new site. Aside from content, all posts, pages, media files, etc. will be moved over onto the old site as well so that nothing is lost (this works best when a WordPress site is getting redesigned with another WordPress theme).

  • New Features

    Our team will get to work on the website by adding new features that will help users navigate through your site while integrating the best conversion methods to date.

Looking Past the Present: Web Design Solutions for the Future

Update your website and get help that will ultimately make your site easier to use for your clients and easier to make changes on your end. Those are only a few of the benefits. Because we will be designing your website, you can expect us to also keep the back end of your site clean and easy to navigate for any future web developments. Each project keeps in mind potential future changes in web architecture, web design advancements, and future projects for your company.