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Use PPC Search Campaigns to Reach Your Audience

Businesses want to build their audience and gain exposure. Some other companies aim to improve conversions on their website through more purchases or more contact form fills. Whatever your goals is, PPC management is a great way to promote your Los Angeles company. Google search ads are text ads that allow searchers to find your company in Google’s search pages. Once an ad gets clicked, the business is charged.

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Creating an Adwords Campaign for Your Company

Part of managing your adwords campaign begins with creating, managing, and optimizing each search ad for the best keywords. The goal of the ads we create isn’t to only receive clicks, but for a user to interact with your website, purchase a product through your company, or reach out to you in a meaningful way. It is not uncommon to see clients with wasted ad spend prior to coming to Digital Stairway. There is always room for improvement, which is why the optimization of your adwords campaigns don’t stop. Using tools to allow us to keep up with the changing adwords climate, Digital Stairway alters your campaigns to fit your business needs, location, customers, and goals.

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  • Previous Campaign Analysis

    We analyze search term reports, keyword research, analytics integration, and ad copy. If you have no previous campaigns, we start from scratch and build on prominent keywords.

  • Spending Efficiently

    In the development of your ad campaign, we look for areas that may be performing poorly and adjust spending accordingly.

  • Making an Actionable Plan

    Using analytics and our research, we create an effective ad spend plan to generate leads, conversions, and a larger audience.

Getting Into the Details

We are only happy when our customers are happy. Period.

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Digital Stairway has found that many campaigns in Adwords miss out on great opportunities because details are missed. We get down to the bottom of what makes ad copy and keywords work together best. We look at all metrics to form an analysis of what metrics are critical to optimization of your ad campaign. Lastly, when we deliver the results of our PPC efforts, we break down the wins and successes of each campaign.